APTN needs your advice for a series of trans resources about transitioning.

Published October 8, 2017
Language English

The Asia Pacific Transgender Network (APTN) is creating a series of 5 short electronic resources based on common questions trans people ask about transitioning

The 5 resources will look at these topics:

  1. I think I might be trans
  2. Telling others (family, friends, your current partner, school or workmates)
  3. Non-medical transition steps (binding, tucking, asking friends to use a different name or pronoun)
  4. Medical transition steps (hormones and surgeries)
  5. Keeping safe and strong (dealing with bullying and transphobia, feeling good about your identity and your body, resilience)

APTN needs your advice

APTN wants these resources to be as useful as possible across the region. Please tell us the main questions people in your community ask about transitioning. We will try to include the most common questions in the resources.

Please send your questions to joe.wong@weareaptn.org by Friday 3 July.


The resources are for trans people in Asia and the Pacific, and people close to them who want to know more about the transition process. These include, for example, family members, partners, friends, work colleagues and allies.


The resource will be written in English and accessible online, as a series of electronic documents that can also be printed out. They will avoid technical terms and be written in simple, accessible language.

Each resource will probably be between 4 and 6 pages long. Together they will be a maximum of 25 pages. The final versions will include graphics to make them easier and more interesting to read.


Is your organisation able to help APTN to distribute the final resources in your country? Would you also consider translating them into your local language? If you want to be a project partner, please contact APTN on: joe.wong@weareaptn.org