APTN’s New Thai Foundation Board and Regional Steering Committee

Published October 8, 2017
Language English

The Asia Pacific Transgender Network (APTN) is pleased to announce the new Thai Foundation Board and Regional Steering Committee. Please join us in welcoming our new Thai Foundation Board Members:

  • Kath Khangpiboon;
  • Thitiyanun Nakpor;
  • Rena Janamnuaysook.

And Regional Steering Committee Members:

  • Abhina Aher (India);
  • Phylesha Brown-Acton (New Zealand);
  • Nada Chaiyajait (Thailand);
  • Chase Go Tolentino (Philippines);
  • Sulique Waqa (Fiji).

As a registered organization, APTN has a Thai Foundation board that oversee the finances and assets of the Foundation. They are legally responsible for presenting activity reports, financial report, balance sheets and income and expenditure accounts to the Ministry of Interior as required by law. With assistance from the Secretariat, the Thai Foundation Board oversees all work permits and work visas for non-Thai staff.

However, the Thai Foundation Board members respecting the fact that APTN is a regional network and thereby requires greater inclusivity discharge governance duties to the APTN Steering Committee on the condition that it ensures that the Foundation is upholding its objectives and operating within the laws of Kingdom of Thailand. The Steering Committee is the body that establishes and oversees the vision, mission, and strategic objectives of APTN ensuring that its activities and finances are managed in a responsible manner and in accordance with its strategic plan.

The profile of the new Thai Foundation Board and Regional Steering Committee is now available on APTN website.

For further information, please contact:

Joe Wong
Programme Manager
Email: joe.wong@weareaptn.org

Natt Kraipet
Network Coordinator
Email: natt.kraipet@weareaptn.org