Nepal pride parade: Advocating for LGBTI rights to be written into the new constitution

Published October 8, 2017
Language English

Nepal LGBTI community rallied all over Kathmandu. The pride event organized by Blue Diamond Society annually falls on the day of Gai Jatra – one of the oldest and notable of the many festivals celebrated.

In Kathmandu, largest city in Nepal, thousands of people gathered on its streets to watch as over 500 members of the LGBT community paraded through, carrying rainbow banners and banners.

“Our main demand is that the rights of the sexual minorities should be guaranteed in the new constitution,” said Pinky Gurung, of the gay rights group Blue Diamond Society, according to the New York Times.

Just this year, Nepal made a move by including an “others” category for this year’s passports for those who do not identify themselves as either male or female. The government of Nepal has also released citizenship certificates for those who are members of the “third gender.” On the other hand, these certificates are still hard to obtain from some government offices.

The Asia Pacific Transgender Network has been partnering with Blue Diamond Society and has collaborated with the organization on matters related to the rights and welfare of transgender people. This is part of APTN mission in supporting transgender rights and well-being.