Thank You to APTN’s Regional Steering Committee, 2015-2018!

Published August 2, 2018
Language English

APTN would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Sulique Waqa for serving on the Regional Steering Committee of APTN.

Sulique joined APTN’s Regional Steering Committee in 2015 and has worked closely with the APTN secretariat and Thai Foundation Board to provide her unique insight to achieve APTN’s goals and strengthen the transgender movement in the region.

Sulique is an important member of APTN and contributed greatly to carrying out the work that APTN has done including providing input to the APTN Blueprint, leading regional consultations and representing APTN at conferences.

Sulique’s work and dedication is also highlighted through her work to the trans community in Fiji and the Pacific, where she co-founded Haus of Khameleon, a social justice organization devoted to ending discrimination and violence against transgender people through education and advocacy on national, regional and global levels. Sulique  has a special interest in using the arts to advance social justice and has been the chief Coordinator of the Adi Senikau Pageant, the most popular transgender pageant in Fiji.

Sulique’s vision of justice paired with her passionate and creative personality added new and exciting depths to the APTN’s work and reach. APTN has cultivated stronger connections with our family in Fiji and the Pacific due to her dedicated insight on how best to work for transgender equality in the region.  

While Sulique is stepping down from this position, we look forward to the continued work that our organisations will do together to continue to expand advocate for the rights of trans people throughout the region.

We wish you the best both professionally and personally as you continue your work throughout the region.