Thank You to APTN’s Regional Steering Committee, 2015-2018!

Published August 20, 2018
Language English

APTN would like to extend our most sincere thanks to Abhina Aher for serving on the Regional Steering Committee of APTN.

Abhina has a long involvement with APTN and was engaged in the founding dialogues of APTN. Abhina was nominated and served in APTN’s first Regional Steering Committee for the past three years. Abhina had significant involvement with the development of APTN’s Blueprint, initiating regional dialogue surrounding Global Fund activities and the transgender health consultation. She has been working on sexuality, gender, health and human rights issues in both India and the greater Asia Pacific region the last 20 years.

Abhina’s creativity and advocacy using innovative forms of expression is shown when she started Dancing Queens, India’s first transgender dancing group to raise funding for HIV positive trans people. In addition to serving on APTN’s Regional Steering Committee, Abhina has contributed to many other national and regional organisations. She has  been an integral part of international organisations including HIV/AIDS Alliance, GATE, and National AIDS Control Programme.

While Abhina will no longer be working with APTN in the same capacity, we look forward to the continued work and advocacy that we will do together to continue to expand advocate for the rights of trans people throughout the region.

Thank you for the time, dedication and support that you have given APTN throughout the years.  We look forward to the new stages that your work and activism will be bring you to. We wish you the best both professionally and personally as you continue your work throughout the region.