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Pride in the Humanitarian System: Consultation Report

The Asia and the Pacific region is more vulnerable to disaster impacts than any other region in the world, and is home to multiple complex emergencies and protracted humanitarian crises. The vulnerabilities of marginalized people are often exacerbated in disasters, emergencies and crises. However, the humanitarian system has largely failed to recognise these vulnerabilities or capabilities. Existing frameworks, policy and good practice guidelines frequently fail to address people of diverse SOGIESC, perhaps making tokenistic mention of the need to consult. Pride in the Humanitarian System (PitHS) sought to address this inclusion gap, through achieving four objectives. Icons are used in each section of the report to indicate the alignment between these objectives and activities during the Pride in the Humanitarian System consultation.

The Pride in the Humanitarian System consultation was held in Bangkok in June 2018, bringing together over 120 representatives from diverse SOGIESC CSOs and communities, and other stakeholders in the humanitarian system including international NGOs, United Nations agencies, and donors. Over four days Pride in the Humanitarian System participants explored: • Humanitarian architecture and processes • Case studies of past diverse SOGIESC exclusion from preparedness and response • Thematic focus areas for diverse SOGIESC inclusion • Barriers to and enablers of diverse SOGIESC inclusion • Tools or approaches for achieving diverse SOGIESC inclusion.



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