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Being LGBT in Asia: China

The China LGBT Community Dialogue brought together participants from all over Mainland China (not including Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China, Macau or Taiwan, Province of China). Approximately 60 people participated in Day 1 of the Dialogue from 40 institutions and organizations, representing the full range of China’s LGBT community alongside representatives of the central government, the court system, universities, legal experts and legal-aid organizations and a broad range of civil society organizations. Over 140 participants took part in the next two days of Dialogue from a larger number of NGOs and CBOs from all over China. Ten transgender participants from across China and five transgender community experts from Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China, India, Nepal, the Philippines and Thailand too part in the China-Asia Transgender Community Roundtable. The Dialogue and Roundtable were jointly convened by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The Dialogue generated a comprehensive overview of the social, cultural and legal environment where Chinese LGBT people live and LGBT NGOs operate and included in-depth discussions on LGBT rights in China in the areas of: health, education, family, media, community development, employment and the law.


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