TDOV 2019

Published March 30, 2019
Language English 31 March 2019 Historically, trans and gender diverse people have been pushed to the sidelines, our voice and visibility diminished. Transgender Day of Visibility (TDoV) takes place on March 31st each year to celebrate trans and gender diverse people and raise awareness around the discrimination trans people still face. It is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the diversity of trans identities.   The increased positive representation of trans people throughout many areas has helped progress the dialogue and rights of trans people. Despite some progress, there remains much that needs to be made to ensure trans people have equal rights and protection before the law, access to justice, education, healthcare, employment and other basic human dignities.   APTN  in partnership with Curtin University and UNDP published “Denied Work: An audit of employment discrimination on the basis of gender identity in South-East Asia” report –  the first research project on such a scale examining discrimination against trans people seeking employment in the region. As evidenced by the report, trans people experience significant barriers to even obtain interviews for jobs compared to similarly qualified cis gender applicants. Based on the study, cis applicants were 54.5% more likely to be invited to an interview than equally qualified trans applicants. This study is indicative of discrimination faced by trans people at the initial stages of job application.   There needs to be continued research and dialogue on employment discrimination of trans people. The lack of anti-discrimination policies throughout the region create systems where there is little to no redress for trans people who have experienced discrimination.  Access to decent work is deeply intertwined with a person’s well-being, access to healthcare and housing. Greater protections must be in place that address trans and gender diverse people and is critical to ensure their dignity, rights and security. The data paired with the recommendations in the report can be used to advocate for laws and policies that will enable law and policy to better address stigma and discrimination against trans people in employment.     This TDOV, we encourage allies to voice solidarity with the trans community. We urge employers, employees and allies to take action and demand inclusive workplace policies and protections for trans people.   View #weareAPTN’s TDOV 2019 campaign here.   END   For media enquiries, contact Marli Gutierrez at