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Equal and Indivisible: Crafting Inclusive Shadow Reports for CEDAW

This publication by IGLHRC is timely because it supports groups working on human rights and women’s rights addressing issues of sexual orientation and gender identity in their alternative or ‘shadow’ reports for the CEDAW Committee. It also includes a glossary that attempts to set out existing definitions of behaviors and practices encompassing the wide range of human beings who are daily subjected to discrimination, exclusion, violence, and the flagrant violation of their human rights.

In creating a resource for groups engaged with the process of reporting to the CEDAW Committee, IGLHRC reaches out to all women’s groups and human right groups that work with CEDAW, drawing their attention to the ways in which the principles of equality, including substantive equality, and nondiscrimination established by the Committee can be used to highlight the discrimination and violence faced by lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons.


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