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Conference Report – 7th ILGA Asia Conference – Foreword from ILGA Asia Executive Board

The 7th ILGA Asia Regional Conference took place from 4-8 December 2018 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, hosted by Rainbow Community Kampuchea. The conference was divided into 2 days of pre-conference and 3 days of main conference. Some of the pre-conference meetings were not open to the public, while all of the sessions during the main conference were open to everyone, although decision-making right was only possible by memberships present at the conference.

During the main conference, there were 4 plenary sessions,19 experiential and information workshops, and 4 general workshops. The 4 general workshops made recommendations to the plenary sessions to be approved by members. These sessions were selected by the ILGA Asia Executive Board out of 54 proposals, with priority given to topics that had never been discussed at previous ILGA Asia conferences, emerging issues with huge impact to Asian communities, and those featuring speakers representing diverse identities and geography of Asia.


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