We’re Hiring: APTN Consultant Roster 2020

Published January 24, 2020
Language English

Application Deadline:  29 February 2020

About APTN

The Asia and Pacific Transgender Network (APTN) was launched in 2009, when a group of transgender women from various Asia and Pacific countries came together to champion the health, legal and social rights of trans women. In 2011, a trans man drew attention to the need to advocate for trans men and joined the APTN Board. Over the years, APTN has worked to build relationships with trans communities, organizations, governments, healthcare providers and other key stakeholders throughout the region. APTN’s reports and publications have helped guide social policy reform and human rights advances for trans people in many countries including China, Pakistan, and Nepal. Today, APTN is a leader in advocating for the rights of trans and gender diverse people throughout Asia and the Pacific.

Our Work & Objectives

APTN addresses transgender specific issues including vulnerability to gender-based violence, stigma and discrimination, risks for HIV infection, and health issues stemming from almost complete lack of access to appropriate health and medical care. In this region, the terms transgender and trans are used frequently as an umbrella term to describe people whose gender identity is different from their assigned sex at birth including those who have not seek medically gender-affirming health services. 

BUILDING: Robust and Resilient

Building a robust, resilient, representative and self-reliant trans movement through national partners by building their skills and capacity as leaders, increasing their access to funding, facilitating diverse representation of the community, organizing south-to-south learning and exchanges, and promoting a culture of well-being and self-care for trans advocates.

ADVOCACY: Advancing Justice, Rights And Access

Advocating on human rights and equal rights for transgender communities by advancing their access to justice, legal gender recognition, healthcare, and ensuring freedom of movement

STRENGTHENING: Supporting The Growth And Development Of Trans People And Organisations

Strengthening the APTN Secretariat as a well-recognized, respected, robust and sustainable network through transparent and participatory governance, effective mechanisms of communications, establishment of knowledge/data hub on transgender issues, and engagement and expansion of partnership

Purpose of the Call for Consultants

The purpose of this call for consultants is to develop a roster of consultants experts for the year 2020. It will primarily benefit APTN by reducing the time and level of effort that is required while hiring a consultant. With the launch of APTN’s new strategic plan 2019-2020, it is essentially important for APTN to become efficient and deliver its action plans on time.


Who can submit an application?

Individual Consultant means a person who is a specialist in a particular subject and whose job is to give advice and information to businesses, organizations and works as a freelance. Organization refers to any legal entity whose purpose and work are congruent to APTN’s goal, objectives and the above-mentioned issues/areas.

Anyone may submit his/her application however, we would encourage individuals and organizations that have related skills and extensive experiences in the type of work that APTN do.

What type of work will APTN outsource in 2020?

  • Scoping and monitoring the distribution of funding, including HIV/ AIDS resources to trans-specific programmes in Asia and the Pacific
  • Monitoring and evaluation of APTN projects
  • Facilitate and organise exchanges of experiences and peer learning among strategic partners
  • Community based quality monitoring tool development for harm reduction services and capacity building
  • Advocacy and policy briefs writing
  • Capacity building of trans community on issues relating to human rights and grant writing
  • Advocacy campaigns, videos and productions
  • Translation: English to National (language or vice versa translations of documents for example but not limited to Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Vietnamese, Khmer, Thai, Urdu, Chinese)
  • Support and create graphic designs and layouts
  • Rapporteur / notetaker / documenter / facilitator for workshops or other events
  • Organisational and institutional development (for networks and community-based organisations); includes module development, facilitation and mentoring
  • Resource mobilisation and fundraising
  • Research: quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and report writing

APTN is an Equal Opportunities Employer. APTN adheres to a fair recruitment process, regardless of any individual or group characteristics, including gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, sex characteristics, race, age, disability, ability, economic status, national origin, religion, ethnicity, and historical, cultural and geographic experiences.
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersex persons, transgender and gender non-binary persons, and persons from the Global South are especially encouraged to apply. 

What do I need to submit?


Individuals interested to submit an application must submit the documents below:

  1. A cover letter explaining your area of expertise and experiences.
  2. A complete CV with two referees (Applicants who have had consultancy experiences are requested to submit details of their previous consultancies including the fees you were paid.)


Organizations interested to submit an application must submit the documents below:

Organization profile covering key relevant activities performed in the last 2 years. (Max 4 pages)

How do I submit my application?

Kindly submit the above-mentioned documents via email to apply@weareaptn.org by 29 February 2020 with the following email subject format – “Submission for the Consultant Roster – YOUR/Organization’s NAME – COUNTRY” or by filling the form here.

What will happen after I submit my application?

After the given deadline of this call, APTN secretariat will review all the applications and shortlist them. Shortlisted applications will be registered in the APTN Consultants Roster database.

Please note that there will be no acknowledgement of receipt of your application submission email. Shortlisted applicants will be notified individually via email in February 2020.

How does the roster work once I am registered?

Once you are registered in the roster of consultant, APTN secretariat may contact you for any consultancy opportunities that are relevant to your expertise. The issues and areas of consultancy depend on various current and upcoming projects that will be implemented by APTN in 2020. Though, please understand that being registered in the roster does not in any way assure a consultancy contract.

When you are selected as the consultant for a specific contract, you may be required to submit some additional documents like scanned copy of your ID/passport (registration documents for organizations) and documents that would verify the rate of your previous consultancies (depending on different funding agency’s requirement). 

The role of the selected consultant will be defined in the contract to be signed for the specific task.