How to Care For Yourself and Others Amidst COVID-19

Published May 7, 2020
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We have gathered resources internally and from members of the community to help provide guidance on what you can do to look out for yourself amidst this coronavirus pandemic. The full list is here. (Updated regularly)

This article is 1 of 4 in which we address needs that have arisen as a result of COVID-19. 

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With the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications continuing to unfold across the world, some of us may be experiencing stress and anxiety. Having to stay physically apart from each other to reduce the spread of disease may also lead strong feelings of isolation. We’ve gathered some helpful resources that you can use to cope with the anxiety you may face while in lockdown.

1How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety related to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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It’s not easy to get through this challenging period of isolation, but Darragh Finlay, writing for GCN, has shared his ‘Tool Box of Coping Skills’ in this article. 

He suggests simple actions you can apply like working in half-hour slots to help you keep focused, getting in some exercise every day, and limiting screen time to checking trusted news sources twice a day.

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2Care for your Coronavirus Anxiety

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If you are feeling anxiety about the spread of COVID-19 and all the challenges that come with it, you are not alone. This website, compiled by the self-care app Shine, provides helpful advice and resources to help cope with the feelings you may be experiencing.

One section we enjoy is the Meditations section which contains guided meditations to help listeners to Exhale Stress, Calm Anxiety, and Sleep Well. 

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3CDC’s Guide to Coping with Stress from COVID-19

Zooming out to include caring for the people around you, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States has put out a guide on how to support yourself and your loved ones who may be facing stress as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

With clear actionable tips on how to cope with stress and how to support your loved ones through isolation, it is a great guide on taking care of yourself and those around you.

One of our favourite sections is the one about supporting your loved ones. It reminds us to check in with loved ones often, as it can help you – and them – feel less lonely and isolated. It also gives tips on how to help keep them safe, such as by monitoring their medication or ensuring that there is non-perishable food on hand to reduce the need to go grocery shopping.

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49 Strategies for Quarantining in a Non-LGBTQ+ Affirming Environment

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For those in our community who must undergo quarantine in an environment which may not be fully accepting of your identity, this article by Wren Sanders on shares 9 things you can do to tide through isolation. 

One great tip they’ve provided is to cherish symbolic objects that help you hold on to your sense of identity even if you can’t show it outwardly.

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Note: While the support organisations referenced are mostly US-based, here are some country-specific helplines in Asia and the Pacific that you can access should you need support:

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