Entertainment For Periods of Quarantine

Published May 22, 2020
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We have gathered resources internally and from members of the community to help provide guidance on what you can do to look out for yourself amidst this coronavirus pandemic. The full list is here. (Updated regularly)

This article is 3 of 4 in which we address needs that have arisen as a result of COVID-19.

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The COVID-19 pandemic may be restricting us from going outdoors, but the internet can be a great source of education and entertainment. We’ve gathered some resources here for you to enjoy including books and movies.

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1For Bookworms

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Unable to go to the library and looking for something new to read? You can now access over 1.4 million books for free as part of the National Emergency Library, an initiative by non-profit organisation Internet Archive. Since November 2007, the initiative has scanned and digitised over 1.7 million books in the public domain.

You can browse the books by subjects, ranging from Science to Fantasy. All you have to do is create an account to borrow it.

Some trans books that are available on the platform include Trans Bodies, Trans Selves by Laura Erickson-Schroth, and Transgender Warriors by Leslie Feinberg.

Access the Open Library at https://openlibrary.org/

2For Movie and TV Show Lovers

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There are a number of online platforms that you can use to watch LGBTQ+ content on the web.

view the shows they offer. With more than 1,000 feature films, shorts, web series, and documentaries, it brings content to people across Asia, where censorship and traditional attitudes mean there has been little in the way of gay content in the mainstream media.

Check out what they have to offer here: https://www.gagaoolala.com/en/topic/44/free-trial-section

Another streaming platform which allows you to watch movies for free is Tubi, where you can watch a range of LGBTQ offerings in their catalogue. Their list of LGBTQ offerings is here: https://tubitv.com/category/lgbt

SOGI Campaigns has also created a list of movies about social campaigning that you may be interested in. From biographical movies to satire, these recommendations provide insights into how people have campaigned over the years and can inspire you.

Read the full list here: https://sogicampaigns.org/portfolio/activists-are-movie-heroes/

Note: Do not click the link titled “The film” under the first film Pride, as it links to a strange website.

3For Audiophiles

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If you prefer to listen to your content, there is a great selection of podcasts and music that you can discover.

The Advocate has put together a list of LGBTQ podcasts that you may be interested in listening to. With topics ranging from sex to intersectionality, it’s very likely you’ll find one that piques your interest.

Of particular relevance: One From The Vaults, a trans history podcast created by Morgan M. Page, shows how the history of trans people is threaded throughout the history of the world through exquisitely researched interviews.

Read the full list here: https://www.advocate.com/media/2019/5/17/12-gay-lgbtq-podcasts-you-should-be-listening

If music is more of your jam, Billboard has put together a list of trans and non-binary musicians that you should check out. The list, at https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/pride/7964716/11-transgender-non-binary-musicians-you-need-to-know, is more US-centric, but most of these artists can be found on major streaming platforms.

We’d like to take this opportunity to highlight a queercore band from Malaysia instead. Shh… Diam!, which means ‘shut up’ in Malay, was formed in 2010. Their frontman, Faris Saad, is an openly trans singer, and he loves to openly toy with the idea of sexuality and gender, even in some of Malaysia’s most-conservative states.

They provided the soundtrack to To Which My Brother Laughed, a play by Malaysia’s artistic and queer communities following the public caning of two women in Terengganu for being in a same-sex relationship.

Check out their music on the Youtube and Facebook pages!

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