Stronger Together 2020 Summit – KPRA results findings Webinar

Published November 6, 2020
Language English

On the 5th of November, Raine Cortes, Senior Project Manager at APTN, participated in the Hội nghị Cộng đồng Lgbtiq Cùng Vươn Xa – Stronger Together Summit 2020 and presented the findings from our Key Population Research and Advocacy (KPRA) study together with our country partners SCDI.

The summit brought together nearly 140 #LGBTIQ leaders, activists, their parents and allies, UN families, Embassies, NGOs, private sectors, healthcare providers, psychologists and government agencies from across Việt Nam. During the three days of the summit, the participants took a look at the joint issues and statements established since summit 2019, recognised changes with community contributions to each issue and identified prioritised issues to solve in the future.

Regarding our KPRA result finding presentation, our trans-led research focused on gaps and challenges trans people experience while accessing healthcare, including HIV prevention and treatment services and gender affirming healthcare.
The Stronger Together Summit is a national conference that takes place annually in Vietnam. Proceedings of the 2020 Summit recording is available on their Facebook page: