COVID-19 Trans Resilience: Week 1 – Health – HIV

Published March 8, 2021
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DAY 01: COVID-19 Limits Access to HIV Care Snapshot

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Trans people are 49 times more likely to acquire HIV than the general adult population. Increased engagement in high risk informal work sectors such as sex work due to widespread employment discrimination, increases transgender people’s vulnerability to HIV.  Due to the high rates of HIV and other underlying chronic health conditions in our community, trans people are vulnerable to exposure and risk of COVID-19 infection. 

Yet, there has been fake news spread that PLHIV cannot receive a COVID vaccination. The COVID-19 vaccination is safe and effective for PLHIV. As an immuno-compromised community, it is important that PLHIV be prioritized in receiving the vaccine, while continuing to take ARVs and COVID preventative measures. 

Organisations Involved:
Jaringan Gaya Warna Lentera Indonesia (Indonesia)
IT’S T TIME (Vietnam)

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