COVID-19 Trans Resilience: Week 2 – Gender Affirming Care (GAC)

Published March 15, 2021
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DAY 01: Snapshot of GAC During COVID-19 Limits Access to HIV Care Snapshot

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One of the greatest stressors for trans people who are medically transitioning has been the declining availability of gender-affirming care and treatment. Our partners reported that gender affirming surgeries have been postponed, or cancelled, and affected trans people were not provided with information from health care providers as to when gender-affirming surgeries would resume. Disrupted supply chains from India reduced the availability of hormones, particularly testosterone, to support gender-affirming hormone therapy regimes for trans people. The disruption in gender-affirming care for trans people has exacerbated mental health including increasing anxiety and depression.

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DAY 02: Organisational Profile – Hope

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Over the next four weeks, APTN will be highlighting some of our COVID-19 Community Support Fund partners who have stepped up to provide vital support to the community during the pandemic. 

Our partner HOPE in Pakistan was able to provide financial support to address emergency needs of the community including rent, food, PPE, and psychological support. In addition, they received many requests for support in accessing hormones during the pandemic, and were able to support both trans men and trans women to receive four months of hormone therapy. Though they received three emergency grants, the demand from the community is so large that they are still unable to support all those in need. 

Click the link in our bio to read more about how HOPE is navigating the challenges of the COVID pandemic to continue the important work they do.

Support and follow HOPE’s work here: @hopecommunitypk on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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DAY 03: Stories from the Streets – Thai TGA

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The trans community has always been and will continue to be resilient. Throughout the next few weeks, APTN will be sharing the stories of Hope, Pain, and Survival of trans communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our second story is from Kaohom, a 27 year old Thai transgender woman. As the main provider for her family, she worries about discrimination affecting her ability to find a new job after being laid off. Without an income, she was unable to access hormones, but thanks to Thai TGA she received a COVID survival bag that included hormones, alleviating that worry.

To hear more of Kaohom’s story, click the link in our bio. 

Support and follow Thai TGA’s here:

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