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Proposal for: Development of the Trans COMP Community-based Monitoring (CBM) Tool Video
Location: Home-based
Timeline: April 2021
Reporting to: APTN Program Officer
RFP Submission Deadline: 21 March 2021 (Sunday) 1st April 2021 (Thursday)

About us:

Since it was founded in 2009, the Asia Pacific Transgender Network (APTN) has grown to become a credible platform and voice for transgender people in Asia and the Pacific, working to ensure that their needs and rights are represented politically, socially, culturally and economically. APTN addresses trans-specific issues including vulnerability to gender-based violence, stigma and discrimination, risks for HIV infection, and health issues stemming from almost complete lack of access to appropriate health and medical care. The network serves as a platform for trans people to advocate for access to health, legal gender recognition, legislative reform, social justice and human rights and to exchange information and strategies with each other. 

APTN has published several key reports, policy and technical briefs that have been used to inform programmes, policy and laws. Legal gender recognition deeply impacts the livelihood of trans and gender diverse people and is critical to ensure their dignity, rights and security. APTN is committed to working to ensure that so long as gender exists as a legal classification, that all people in Asia and the Pacific have access to identity documents that reflect their self-defined gender.

APTN envisions a society that upholds, respects, and protects the diversity, safety, equality, and dignity of trans people; the mission of APTN is to mobilise and advocate for the human rights of trans people in the Asia and the Pacific region.


Communities occupy a central position in effective health systems, notably through monitoring of health service quality by giving community recipients of a care a voice. With this, APTN developed a Trans COMP (stands for competency) community-based monitoring (CBM) tool, that will be administered and led by community members, to measure the availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality (AAAQ) of healthcare services provided to trans people including sexual and reproductive health, HIV and STI-related services, gender-affirming care, mental health and general healthcare. This is an essential tool that communities will be able to use to advocate for better healthcare systems and services and to hold government and healthcare providers accountable.The Trans CBM tools consist of three tools; one for community members themselves and two for health care providers to assess themselves and develop an action plan.

The finalised and translated Trans COMP CBM tools will be piloted in selected countries in Asia and the Pacific to gather baseline data by APTN and its country partners. It is envisioned to be done annually or every two years with the aim of having the CBM implementation process institutionalized by the Ministry of Health (MoH) and public/private healthcare facilities/providers, as part of its regular assessment and improvement of their healthcare service provision. The Trans COMP CBM tool will be implemented in eight (8) countries in the region: Thailand, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea and Mongolia.

The Trans COMP CBM tool video is supported by the EpiC Project “Meeting Targets and Maintaining Epidemic Control” through the Key Population Investment Funds (KPIF) managed by Family Health International (FHI 360); the Sustainability of HIV Services for Key Populations in Asia Program (SKPA) funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM), managed by the Australian Federation of AIDS Organizations (AFAO), as principal recipient (PR); and the Robert Carr Fund for Civil Society Networks (RCF).

Scope of Work:

APTN will engage an agency/individual consultant to develop an “Introductory video to community-based monitoring (CBM) and a guide to use the Trans COMP CBM tools” (in English) which will be used to explain what community-based monitoring is, how it can be used by trans communities, and the steps to using the developed Trans COMP CBM tools. The consultant will work with APTN staff in developing a suitable script and develop 3 to 4 animated videos (5 minutes each) that can easily be used to create awareness of the tool and train communities in using the tool for community-based monitoring.

The 3 animated videos needed are:

  1. An overview of Community-Based Monitoring – what it is, why it is important and how it can be used by trans communities. This video should inspire the trans community to become involved with CBM and the important role they play.
  2. A step-by-step explanation of how to use the Trans COMP CBM Scorecard for community members.
  3. A step-by-step explanation of how to use the Trans COMP Provider Checklist and Action Plan for healthcare providers.

Tasks and Deliverables include the following:

  1. Conceptualisation and finalisation of the scripts and videos in consultation with APTN – utilising APTN’s developed Trans COMP CBM tools, guide/module, and training powerpoint.
  2. Develop a whiteboard style, or otherwise animated, training video with voiceover.
  3. Develop/revise/finalise 3 to 4 animated videos (5 minutes each).


The final deadline for submission of the videos is May 1, 2021. The project timeline and specific dates are to be proposed by the consultant.

1Onboarding of agency/individual consultant
2Utilising APTN’s tools, develop and propose a script and storyboard for the videos
3APTN team to review and approve the script and storyboard
4Begin development of the actual videos/animations
5APTN team to review the first draft of the videos and send for one week of external feedback from APTN’s partners
6Using APTN’s feedback, make final changes and edits to the videos
7Submission of final deliverables – Upon APTN’s final review and approval

Qualification or specialised knowledge/experience required:

  • Proven track record in developing and implementing evidence-based community development programs
  • Proven experience in the production and dissemination of pre-tested, innovative and strategic messages, visuals and multimedia products
  • Proven experience in developing educational and entertaining training videos
  • Prior experience in public sector especially in health systems
  • Excellent command of both written and spoken English along with local language(s)
  • High level of self-motivation and at ease working independently when necessary
  • Prior experience working with the trans community is an advantage

APTN is an Equal Opportunities Employer. APTN adheres to a fair recruitment process, regardless of any individual or group characteristics, including gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, sex characteristics, race, age, disability, ability, economic status, national origin, religion, ethnicity, and historical, cultural and geographic experiences.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersex persons, transgender and gender non-binary persons, and persons from the Global South are especially encouraged to apply.

Appointed consultant/agency must complete a Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Declaration.

Remuneration:  USD 5,000.00

How to Apply

Applications should include:

  • Portfolio
  • Sample videos
  • CVs
  • Names and short bio of designated team member(s)
  • Timeline
  • Price and validity

Interested applicants to submit all of the above to with the header “Proposal for Trans COMP CBM Tool Video” by 21 March 2021 (Sunday). Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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