Transgender Day Of Visibility 2021

Published April 2, 2021
Location Asia Pacific

On this Transgender Day of Visibility, APTN would like to share findings from its recent research that aims to explore the various conversion therapy practices widespread in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and SriLanka. This evidence-generating project aimed to explore how trans and gender diverse people in these countries have been subjected to #conversiontherapy practices by documenting their personal narratives and lived experiences.

Further, it sought to investigate how the existing national legal, policy, and programmatic frameworks create an environment in which these harmful practices can thrive. The study also aimed to explore how religion and socio-cultural values fuel or promote interventions aimed at changing an individual’s gender identity and expression, and/or sexual orientation, and how these interventions manifest in familial or communal spaces.

The evidence presented in this research initiative is informed by data and insights collected through interviews with members of trans communities, health professionals, legal and policy experts, academic and religious scholars, and activists. Watch this space as we share key insights from the research from the four countries, and join us in our demand for #DignityforAll.

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