Asia Pacific Transgender Network on accepting the honorary sponsor slot for Startups of the Year by Hackernoon

Published August 21, 2021

Startups of the Year by Hackernoon is among the largest online contests focused on startups, in which over 35,000 promising small businesses participate.

15 Million Users potentially to Vote on 35K+ Startups in 4,000+ Cities!”

As part of the occasion, nominees in over 4,000 cities worldwide will compete to get the most votes from users and gain the top spot in their areas.

Despite the fact that many of us are still in lockdown in the middle of the second year of the pandemic, users can still show their dedication and back the very best startups in their cities by online voting. To participate, users can go to, selecting the region then the city, and voting on their favorite companies in as many cities as possible (only one vote per city).

Most importantly, Startups of the Year 2021 will last six months – until January 26, 2022 – so users will have plenty of time to cast their votes.

Hackernoon is providing an honorary sponsor slot for Startups of the Year Campaign to APTN.

From Linh, the COO of Hackernoon: “This is our way of thanking you for being a good force in the world. As a Vietnamese woman, I also identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and an ally to transgender people. I would very much love to share your good work with our community.”

APTN is glad to join this campaign for the very first time, having received great help and support from a wide range of different tech companies (es. Techsoup, WordPress Automattic, Google For Nonprofits, Microsoft etc), welcome new ways to appreciate non profits work around the World. APTN is proud to share this positive message, hoping more companies would learn from Hackernoon’s example and create more opportunities to give back to communities.