APTN x Automattic collaboration for New APTN Website

Published December 1, 2021
Language English

In 2019, the WordPress Special Projects Team reached out to APTN, offering to provide pro bono web services covering the full costs and lifetime maintenance for the APTN website. This happened to coincide with APTN’s 10 year anniversary. Along with Endoh Collaborative, a feminist digital agency based in Canada, APTN worked with WPST to develop and implement the website from February 2020 to May 2021.

Endoh Collaborative is a feminist digital agency that believes in using our powers for good by helping nonprofits, arts & culture and socially responsible organizations grow, thrive, and make a lasting positive impact. You can visit their website here:

Asia Pacific Transgender Network (APTN) recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and wanted to improve its advocacy and influence. As part of this effort, APTN decided to build a new website, and a draft version of the site was designed in 2019, which was subjected to review by the peer community and partners. During the review process, Automattic reached out to APTN and offered to help with maintaining and migrating the website. Automattic introduced APTN to the WordPress agency based in Canada, called Sasha Endoh and together they collaborated to develop and design the new website in 2020. 

The new website was completed and launched in mid-2021, and it has helped to improve APTN’s advocacy and influence. Automattic’s WordPress team worked closely with APTN to ensure the website design met their needs and expectations.

Automattic’s Special Projects team ensures that influential people and organisations have a great experience with WordPress. They were excited to work with APTN because they believe that the work the organization is doing with advocacy and leadership development for trans and gender-diverse people in Asia-Pacific countries is remarkable.