RCF ISC Communiqué – December 2021 – Funding decision

Published December 3, 2021

To mark World Aids Day 2021, the Robert Carr Fund for civil society networks (RCF) announces USD $32,090,000 in funding allocations for 2022-2024.

The Robert Carr Fund’s Request for Proposals (RfP) 2021 invited global and regional civil society networks and consortia of networks led by, and/or devoted to serving inadequately served populations (ISPs) to apply for a grant to support core funding and activity needs for a three-year period.

A total of 65 eligible proposals went through the RCF’s rigorous review process led by the RCF Program Advisory Panel (PAP) that advises the International Steering Committee (ISC) on funding. These investments during the 2022-2024 funding cycle embody a focus on the aims and objectives of the fund’s Strategic Plan 2020-2024 while adapting to the ongoing COVID-19 challenges that civil society face.

The RCF’s new portfolio for 2022-2024 grants represents:

  • Crucial investments in the core needs of civil society and ISP networks and their consortia;
  • Balance in addressing the needs of the HIV response in the changing landscape whilst addressing the strategic priorities of the RCF;
  • Continued emphasis on high burden regions and balanced geographical support;
  • Emphasis on leadership by and engagement with ISPs;
  • A clear investment toward the outcomes and impact of the RCF.
  • Continuity and growth in the number of networks supported by the RCF – from 68 in 2019-2021 to 82 for 2022-2024;

The ISC funding decision is a continuation in grant-making by the RCF, made possible by the generous commitments from the governments of the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, and Norway, and from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Please find below the full list of 2022-2024 grantees and investments approved for funding by the ISC.

Bridge Funding 2022

To mitigate the potential disruption to 2019-2021 RCF grantees whose proposal were not recommended for renewal, the ISC offers limited “bridge” funding to cover essential core network costs throughout 2022 subject to terms and conditions. The bridge funding recommended by the PAP and approved by the ISC totalled USD $400,000. Recipients are encouraged to use the year of bridge funding to increase resource mobilization and strategic communications to support their organizational fundraising.

Members of the International Steering Committee are: Sujatha Rao (Chair), Gottfried Hirnschall (Vice-Chair), Sally Chakawhata , Jolijn van Haaren, Monica Djupvik, Siobhan Malone, Sandy Thurman, Neil McCulloch, Johnny Tohme, Helena Nangombe, Jean Paul Enama, Tian Johnson (civil society observer), Laurel Sprague (observer), Kate Thomson (observer).

Members of the Program Advisory Panel are: Wassim Beaineh (co-chair), McLean Kabwe (co-chair), Meg Davis, Tendayi Mharadze, Anna Shapoval, Wisdom Kanyamula, Vincent Leclercq, Mildred Mushunje, Denis Nzioka. Reserve members are Oswaldo Rada, Nadine Ferris France.

Representatives of the Fund Management Agent and RCF secretariat are: Mirjam Krijnen, Koos Boering, Maria Phelan, Nathaniel Miller, Anja Dietrich, Olga Rychkova, Gabriel Sevilla, Anna Sevink, Annemarie van Mossel, Lenny de Jong, Saskia Terzi van de Bruggen.

List of Funded Proposals