The Mama Cash 2022 Grantmaking Window

Published February 11, 2022

The Mama Cash 2022 grantmaking window will open on February 15 2022

Mama Cash will receive Letters of Interest from applicants who are not current grantee-partners from 15 February  – 15 March 2022, 11:59 pm CET. Groups that apply during this grantmaking window will receive a response from Mama Cash by 1 July 2022, letting you know whether or not your application has made it to the final rounds of decision-making by the COM COM, our participatory grantmaking body. 

Mama Cash supports ambitious feminist and women’s, girl’s, and trans people’s and intersex people’s rights organisations and initiatives led by and for women, girls, and trans people and intersex people from anywhere in the world. We advise groups wishing to apply to closely consider the Mama Cash selection criteria and priority.

During the Resilience Fund LOI window, we will be open to all applications, but will be especially focused on increasing support to self-led feminist organisations and initiatives that are resisting climate change and environmental injustices as well as those implementing alternative, environmentally and climate just, solutions. In addition, we are looking to strengthen our support for feminist economic justice groups and initiatives working towards reducing economic inequality and addressing the systemic drivers of inequality, particularly as this relates to advancing the rights and lived equity of women, racialised communities, LBTQI people, and disabled people.

Mama Cash is now a fully participatory grantmaker, which means that decision-making about all of our new grants has shifted from our staff to the communities with whom we work. Our multi- part participatory process for the Resilience Fund is as follows: 

  1. all applicants provide input and guidance on thematic issues they believe should be prioritised for funding, 
  2. staff screen all applications for eligibility, 
  3. the COM COM, our community representative committee reviews a longlist of the top applications to discuss, deliberate and make the final decisions on who our new grantee-partners will be. You can read more about the Resilience Fund’s participatory grant-making process here.

Mama Cash is a fund with limited resources. Every year, more groups apply for funding than we can fund. This also means, unfortunately, that we still have to decline many groups that we could fund even though they meet our criteria and priorities. In 2021, we received 1652 funding requests of which we could approve 15 new grants (less than 1% of all requests)  and in 2020, we received 909 funding requests of which we could approve 11 new grants (1.2% of all requests). In 2022, we expect to approve a similar percentage of new grants, in addition to the planned renewal grants to current grantee-partners. We advise groups wishing to submit an LOI to consider our criteria and the frequently asked questions for more information.

The application window is not relevant for current grantee-partners wishing to apply for renewal during the course of 2022.

Please also note that Mama Cash is not affiliated with a loan app called CashMama. Mama Cash will never ask you for money and we will only email you from email addresses ending in Please disregard emails sent from other email providers.