APTN Announces Unique and Successful Projects from Amplifying Trans Advocacy 2020

Published February 21, 2022
Location Asia Pacific

In 2020, APTN held a fellowship programme called APTN Amplifying Trans Advocacy 2020. We competitively selected 25 fellows from 14 countries in the region. They participated in a month-long immersive online course on international human rights accountability mechanisms which was held between 15 September – 20 October 2020. The course provided an opportunity to the fellows to gain an in-depth understanding of the international human rights law and learn its application from human rights experts and peers.

After the completion of the online course, APTN competitively awards seed funding that allows the fellows to put their learning into practice and implement national advocacy interventions centered around international human rights accountability mechanisms. Fellows received mentorship and technical assistance from APTN as they implement their advocacy interventions. 

To mark the closing of this project, unique and successful projects were internally selected for the fellows to be published in APTN’s media channel. The selected fellows are:

  1. Jun Ho Kim (Samoa): So Far Samoa – A social media campaign sharing the stories of Fa’afafine and Fa’atama youth.
  2. Rukshana Kapali & Elyn Bhandari (Nepal): Civil Society’s Proposal for Gender Identity Act.
  3. Ditii & Vihaan (India): Publication “Increasing State Brutality and its Impact on the lives of transgender persons”.
  4. Santa Khurai (India): HOPE – Training of Trainers on international human rights law.
  5. Rafardhanu (Indonesia): Trans Men Talk Indonesia, Digital Activism for Trans Men in Indonesia.
  6. Erik Nadir (Indonesia): New Naratif x APTN Advocacy Through Comics.

We will disseminate their story throughout the execution of their projects in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to our social media and website to read it and get ready to be inspired!