Celebrating World Humanitarian Day 2022

Published August 23, 2022
Location Asia Pacific

 Celebrating World Humanitarian Day 2022, we realize that #ItTakesAVillage to help people in crisis.

​​During the COVID-19 pandemic, APTN established COVID-19 Community Support Fund. In total 2,313 people received some kind of relief support during the administration of our support fund, facilitated by our partner organisations for the most in need of help, to whom we are eternally grateful. Together, they have built resiliency in the trans communities across the Asia Pacific by also providing mental health counselling and psychosocial support to reduce loneliness and isolation. The work of humanitarians saves lives!

Inside these infographics, you can read a short recap about our COVID-19 project and take a look at the list of partner organisations involved.

To read more, you can go to bit.ly/TransResilienceAPTN