[RECAP] Give and Take: Align, Learn and Act

APTN supported by consortium partners APN+, APNSW, APCOM, ICWAP, NAPUD, and Youth Lead including UNAIDS RST as observers have come together in a regional meeting titled “Give and Take: Align, Learn, and Act”. At this event, we explore intersectionalities across the populations we serve and collaborations on reinstating a regional network consortium and identifying key indicators and intentions for a regional community-led monitoring framework.

Organisations included have presented their work and found that there was a lot of synergy in their strategies and discussed how to effectively leverage future emergencies. It was very instructive in learning by sharing each other’s programming, and project and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the regional network consortium. The regional networks also discussed how to collaborate efficiently and work together on the upcoming Community-led Monitoring programs, and a discussion on developing a joint communications plan and strategy for fundraising, including establishing joint advocacy campaigns on human rights days. There is also a lot of excitement about establishing a joint “Regional Consortium of Key Populations” that could serve as a model for national-level collaboration.

Participants in physical appearance: Harry Prabowo (APN+), Kaythi Win (APNSW), Francis Joseph (NAPUD), Ikka Noviyanti (YouthLEAD), Michela Polesana (UNAIDS), Sarah Zaidi (Consultant), Joe Wong (APTN) and Simon Beddoe (APTN, Regional Network Coordinator) joined remotely Selvan Anthony (APCOM) and Sita Shahi (ICWAP) and Sara Thapa (ICWAP).