Reimagine Our Future: Trans and Gender Diverse Peoples Convening, South Asia

APTN is back with its series of subregional convening. On 16-20th January 2023. More than 40 trans and gender-diverse individuals are coming to represent our partner organisations in Kathmandu, Nepal. This event is the second of the sub-regional convenings, to be followed by one more in each of the sub-regions in Asia and the Pacific that APTN currently works with.

APTN will convene a five-day regional convening for trans human rights defenders, healthcare outreach workers, doctors and community-based organisations. The convening aims to assess the state of the trans movement, programmes and initiatives in-country, and advocacy, particularly in areas such as access to health, legal gender recognition, combating hate crimes and conversion therapy practices.

This sub-regional convening will help APTN map out the existing networks, broaden the scope of its advocacy, programmes and the number of partners it engages with, and inform the advocacy strategy and programmatic focus. This convening will bring out the specificities of issues in each sub-region, focussing on the capacity-strengthening needs of trans activists in each region. APTN also believes in community-led advocacy, and as it builds on its strategic plan, the sub-regional convenings will help bring in community perspectives.

Starting next week, we will have daily highlights of our event that will be posted throughout our media channels for learnings. We cannot wait to hear unique insights and perspectives from our South Asia participants and the state of their movements. Stay tuned for our updates!