Dew’s Internship Experience – Meeting with UNOPS

Published January 16, 2023
Location Thailand
Language English
In Partnership With UNOPS

Hello everyone, I’m Dew, I’m a new intern at Asia Pacific Transgender Network. Last week, on Wednesday 11th January, I had an opportunity to visit UNOPS (United Nations Office for Project Services) Office with Nhuun Yodmuang, Senior Human Rights and Advocacy Officer. This was my opportunity to join a conversation with an international development organisation, based here in Bangkok. 

In this meeting, Nhuun Yodmuang started by providing the definition of transgender and gender diversity across Asia-Pacific. She presented the works of APTN, which is in many areas, one work that needs to be highlighted, because it sparked an interesting discussion among the meeting, is documenting the hate crime against transgender people. They discussed how to collect the data and the challenge of collecting the data. In the Q & A or discussion session, we discussed organising the trans movement, and how to reach out to the public and private sector. UNOPS showed me that they are interested in trans people, they have an enthusiasm to engage with the trans community.

Meeting at the UNOPS office in Bangkok.

For me, as UNOPS is working in the international development area and they have a goal to make that development sustainable, this is a good start for them to make their organisation and their work be more inclusive by engaging with trans-led organisation and the trans community to learn new and diverse perspectives. I really appreciate seeing an international development organisation try to develop their approach and not neglect the trans community and gender diversity. In the future, I hope I could see the UNOPS develop their policies to engage with the trans community, and have work policies that make a workplace a safe space for trans or gender diverse people.

Internship at APTN is a wonderful experience for me, it’s an opportunity to work with a trans-community-based organisation. I learned how non-government organisations work and how their work can impact society. I would like to recommend everyone who believes in trans rights and wants to work with trans-led organisations, you will also have the opportunity to work at the international level.

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