Partners Inception Meeting of “Amplifying Trans Leadership for Stronger Networks, Louder Voices, Transformative Change”

APTN and Blue Diamond Society Nepal (BDS Nepal) held an inception meeting to introduce a new project titled, “Amplifying Trans Leadership for Stronger Networks, Louder Voices, Transformative Change,” with its project partners: Wajood (Pakistan), Samabhabona (India), Venasa Transgender Network (Sri Lanka). It was held in Kathmandu, Nepal from 23-26 January 2023.

In this project, APTN is acting as the fiscal host and technical provider, while BDS Nepal has the role of grant holder. This is an ambitious project that will be implemented in four countries in South Asia, establishing a new consortium. It aims to build the capacities of trans leaders to lead advocacy efforts on national, regional and global levels, create documentation on hate crimes and provide support to survivors, and linking and learning amongst partners and cross-sub-regional movements.

With this project, we hope to increase the capacity of trans leaders that will be equipped with knowledge, tools and skills to mobilize their communities nationally to take action and lobby against the act of hate crimes and discrimination. We want to be able to collect evidence-based data that informed the harmful practice of hate crimes and conversion therapy practices, with the aim of the criminalization of such acts, and document case studies compiled through linking and learning of each partner used by communities across the region, including those outside South Asia

Are you curious about the activities that will be held under this project? Stay tuned for more programs from APTN and partners within this project to strengthen the movement in the Asia Pacific!

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