APTN Launches “Towards Transformative Healthcare Module” for Trans Health and Rights in Asia-Pacific Region

Published March 15, 2023
Location Asia Pacific

APTN, the Asia Pacific Transgender Network, has launched a new module to empower trans individuals to claim their rights and health and to support healthcare professionals in providing gender-affirming healthcare. The “Towards Transformative Healthcare (TTHM) Module” draws on global and regional research and guidance on the health of trans and gender-diverse people, using a rights-based approach to healthcare that departs from pathologizing models towards transformative, community-centered, and culturally sensitive care.

The TTHM module is specifically tailored to the Asia-Pacific region, recognizing the diverse range of laws, medicine, and resources available. It is designed to provide an introductory resource on trans competent and gender-affirming healthcare for medical professionals and other healthcare workers, particularly those in primary care including community-based health services.

The self-paced and interactive course covers 12 topics, ranging from gender diversity across the region to specific healthcare considerations for trans individuals related to mental health, sexual and reproductive health, and gender-affirming care. The module echoes the approach taken in the Standards of Care developed by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) by emphasizing core principles that can be applied by healthcare professionals even in areas with limited resources and training opportunities.

Upon completion of the module, healthcare professionals will have the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to provide high-quality, gender-affirming healthcare services that make trans patients feel welcomed and affirmed. Access to acceptable and quality healthcare services, including gender-affirming healthcare, is vital in achieving HIV epidemic control for this key population.

Join APTN in transforming the healthcare landscape and enrolling in the “Towards Transformative Healthcare Module” today.

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