[SURVEY] Community-Led Monitoring Webinar Survey

Published March 21, 2023
Location Asia Pacific

Are you a member of a community-led organization in Asia and the Pacific? If so, get ready to enhance your knowledge of Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) with the upcoming webinar series organized by Seven Alliance, the Regional Networks of Key Populations and People Living with HIV.

The webinar series aims to provide a better understanding of CLM and its different conceptual frameworks, while also building capacity for implementation. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in CLM, so don’t miss out!

To ensure that the webinar series meets your needs, Seven Alliance needs your help. They have created a 5-minute anonymous questionnaire to identify which aspects of CLM you would like to learn more about. Your answers will help them design the webinar series to meet your needs.

Seven Alliance is a consortium of regional networks of key populations, including APN+, APTN, APNSW, APCOM, ICWAP, NAPUD, and Youth LEAD. By joining them in promoting community-led monitoring, you can help improve the lives of people living with HIV in Asia and the Pacific.

To take the survey and help shape the upcoming webinar series, click here. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills in CLM!