Dew’s Internship Journal

Published March 31, 2023
Location Thailand
Issue Others

Hello everyone. I’m Dew, an intern student from Thammasat University. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to be an intern at APTN. Today, I would like to introduce you to my internship experience at APTN. Here is a recap from each month.


December 2022 is my first internship month. In the first and second week, I learned about the organisation structure, how APTN work, what our contributions are, and as the regional level organisation how we collaborate and connect with other stakeholders. Regarding the upcoming convening, Reimagine Our Future: Trans and Gender Diverse Peoples Convening, I provided a little help. And I also check the backup website files what the missing parts are.

You can learn more about the convening here:

APTN held “Reimagine Our Future: Trans and Gender Diverse Peoples Convening” in South Asia

Moreover, I also find content and news for sharing on APTN’s social media. My first work is about trans students in Singapore. You can read it here. 

Mostly this month is about preparing myself to work with an organisation and learning how an organisation work, and preparing for next year’s event.


Happy new year everyone!! After a long holiday, we are still working on the South Asia Convening which will be held in late January. This January, I did a lot of activities that I have never done before, and I’m very grateful for this opportunity.

This month, I still have a duty to take care of finding content to post on our social media. Besides, I have joined important meetings which are so exciting and informative. The first one is meeting with UNOPS. This meeting was facilitated by Nhuun, our advocacy team, we also had a discussion session with UNOPS staff.

You can read more about the meeting here:

Besides the UNOPS meeting, I had an opportunity to join in FIFF consortium virtual meeting. In this call, FIFF consortium members updated their work plans and strategies together.


Hello February!! This month my internship was still fabulous. For this month, I had many activities to do but one remarkable activity was attending Spill the disabilli-tea which was organised by Equal Asia Foundation. The event focused on the intersectional approach and the principle of leaving no one behind. The conversation centred around disability and the challenges that people with disabilities face in their daily lives.

At this event, people from Equal Asia Foundation gave a brief introduction to the GetEqual application. You can find the detail about this application here:

And this month I also wrote content to post on APTN’s website. This is one of my works