ASEAN first trans mentoring and seminar day 2023 – From Inclusion to Empowerment

Published April 12, 2023

On Trans Visibility Day, Nikki Phinyapincha, founder of TransTalents Consulting Group, hosted a mentoring and seminar’s day with the objective to improve the workplace environment to be healthier and more inclusive for trans people and gender-diverse people, and also empower transgender leadership.

TransTalents consulting group in collaboration with IBM and San Diego Pride hosted a mentoring session day called the ASEAN’s first transgender professional mentorship program. In this session, they have Jeiz Robles, APAC Marketplace Diversity Leader from IBM and Mark Maddox, Program Director of San Diego Pride to be mentors. This mentoring session gave us an opportunity to learn more about inclusivity and leadership in the workplace and planning strategies for career growth.

In the evening, a Seminar session was hosted by Sasin School of Management and TransTalents Consulting Group. This seminar was held on the topic “Inclusivity in action: Insights from Trans-inclusive ERG (Employee Resource Group)”. This seminar had transgender employees in Thailand from various sectors, talking about the challenges they experienced as transgender, and how the corporates can improve or change to create a healthier workplace for transgender people.

Mentoring and Seminar sessions empower the trans community by providing the space for transgender people to share their experiences and their perspectives regarding inclusivity. And in the seminar, they also had people from different corporates join the session, like Seagate Technology, ExxonMobil, LMG Insurance PCL, and CED DD & Friend SCK. We really appreciate the dedication of TransTalents Consulting Group and partners to creating an inclusive environment for transgender people in the workplace.

TransTalents also launched a video on the topic “Trans Leader: The Next Wave of Inclusive Leaders”

You can watch it here:

Who is TransTalents Consulting Group?

TransTalents DE&I Consulting Academy helps businesses to assess, strategise, manage, and communicate to reach their DE&I goals with measurable KPIs on Purpose, Profit, and People.

TransTalents DE&I Consulting Academy is founded by a trans business leader who aims to transform the current workplace into one that focuses on inclusivity and gender equality which can be measured by numbers and impact.

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These photos are courtesy of Trans Talents.

This post has been written by our APTN Intern, Dew, click here  to read more about her internship experience.