APTN Shines at Bangkok Pride March 2023

Published June 6, 2023
Location Thailand

The vibrant streets of Bangkok came alive with colors, love, and unity as the city played host to Southeast Asia’s only country to host a pride march. With an unwavering commitment to advocacy and equality, APTN made a resounding impact as they braved scorching temperatures, raised their voices, and marched hand in hand with Thailand’s local community and the international LGBTQ+ community.

Amidst the colorful sea of marchers, APTN proudly voiced their support for local advocacy regarding legal gender recognition and the inclusion of a gender X marker. Recognizing the importance of identity and self-determination, we emphasized the need for legal frameworks that affirm and protect the rights of transgender and non-binary individuals. Their presence at Bangkok Pride March symbolized unity and solidarity as they fought for equal recognition and respect for all.

APTN brought vital issues to the forefront of the conversation during Bangkok Pride March 2023. With thought-provoking signage, we want to shed light on the urgent need to end conversion therapy and combat hate crimes. We hope to send a powerful message that discrimination and violence have no place in a world striving for equality.

As we walked hand in hand with Thailand and the international community, we experienced the power of collective strength and celebrated the spirit of pride. Their presence at this historical event reminded us that change is possible, and that together, we can create a more inclusive world for all.