Exploring CLM Advocacy: A Deeper Dive into Seven Alliance’s Final Webinar Endeavor

Published September 11, 2023
Location Asia Pacific

The Seven Alliance Consortium has successfully concluded its third webinar series, consisting of two informative sessions. The inaugural webinar titled “Advocacy within the Context of CLM” aimed to provide an insightful orientation on advocacy, outlining key steps for effectively garnering stakeholder buy-in for CLM. This session took place on Wednesday, July 26, 2023, from 2:00 to 3:30 pm Bangkok time. The subsequent webinar, “The Significance of Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) in Advancing Advocacy and Fostering Demand,” focused on facilitating the exchange of knowledge, resources, and strategies among community leaders. Special emphasis was given to advocacy approaches for CLM and the role of youth-led organizations. This cross-learning event was held on Thursday, July 27, 2023, between 1:00 and 3:00 pm Bangkok time.

Webinar #5 – Advocacy within the Context of CLM
The commencement of the fifth webinar, centered around Advocacy within the realm of CLM, began with a concise summary of the preceding webinar, thoughtfully presented and moderated  by Selvan Anthony, Capacity Strengthening Officer at APCOM. Following this, Ikka Noviyanti, the Regional Coordinator of YouthLEAD, graced the virtual stage with her opening remarks on behalf of Seven Alliance Consortium. The event unfolded further with a learning session by Dom Kemps from UNAIDS. He i presented the  general steps of advocacy in the context of CLM, elucidating how CLM serves as a catalyst for advocacy endeavors.

Taking the spotlight next, Harry Prabowo, the Programme Manager of APN+, skillfully led the session that focused on Advocacy and its pivotal role within the framework of the Global AIDS Strategy. He masterfully delved into the progress towards the ambitious 10-10-10 targets, dissecting the instrumental contribution of CLM towards achieving these goals.

The next session was dedicated to the Community Led Organizations implemening CLM at the country level, where, Dhanraj Rai, Programme Manager from Lhak Sam in Bhutan, Seum Sophal, the Programmes Officer from CNP+ in  Cambodia, and Lesley Bola, the Executive Director from Key Population Advocacy Consortium in Papua New Guinea, graced the platform. With invaluable insight, they offered perspectives from the heart of the community, sharing country-specific experiences of advocacy actions driven by CLM. In a candid exchange, they addressed the prevalent challenges that arise when applying a community-centered approach to CLM advocacy. They also shed light on success stories and effective practices in fostering engagement. The vital roles played by stakeholders in the CLM landscape were underscored, alongside a discourse on the support essential from Regional TA providers and stakeholders to cement and sustain the CLM movement.

Following the series of engaging and thought-provoking sessions, a dynamic ‘Questions and Answers’ segment unfolded, providing an interactive platform for participants to voice their opinions and ask questions to the speakers leveraging the Jamboard tool, attendees offered their insights on country-specific challenges and recommendations concerning the adoption of CLM. This collaborative exchange underscored the diverse perspectives that enrich the discourse. Subsequently, Abhina Aher, the Community Leadership, Gender, and Human Rights Officer at APCOM,  presented and highlighted the  topic of CLM sustainability, which explored critical elements necessary to ensure the endurance of community-led monitoring efforts.

The momentum continued as Yadavendra Singh from Pahal Foundation in India took the stage, delivering a compelling advocacy message and offering invaluable guidance on crafting effective online advocacy messages.  This session contributed and added an enriching layer to the discussion, empowering participants with the tools to amplify their advocacy efforts in the digital realm.

Webinar #6 – The Significance of Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) in Advancing Advocacy and Fostering Demand
During the sixth installment of the webinar series, our journey commenced with warm welcome remarks by Sita Shahi, the Regional Coordinator of ICW-AP (International Community of Women Living with HIV Asia-Pacific). The first learning session delved into the topic of “The Significance of Engaging Youth in CLM,” led by Ikka Noviyanti, the Regional Coordinator of YouthLEAD. Following this enlightening session, our focus shifted to a dynamic Moderated Panel Discussion featuring esteemed speakers: Vincentius Azvian from Inti Muda Indonesia, Tzeveenee representing YouthLEAD Mongolia, Doan Thanh Tung from Lighthouse Vietnam & Y+ Global, as well as Amit Singh Gusain, an advocate from the National Coalition of People Living with HIV in Indonesia (NCPI+). This insightful panel was skillfully moderated by Eddy Rudram of Y-PEER Asia Pacific Centre.

Following the informative sessions, a lively Q&A session unfolded, thoughtfully overseen by Eddy Rudram. This segment delved into a spectrum of vital topics, encompassing challenges encountered during implementation, the pivotal role of young individuals in spearheading CLM advocacy, strategies for nurturing relationships and networking, recommendations to ensure sustained engagement of youth-led organizations, and a plethora of other insightful inquiries.

As the webinar drew to a close, the spotlight shifted to the Advocacy messages by Seven Alliance, underscoring the significance of meaningful community engagement among People Living with HIV (PLHIV) and Key Populations (KP) in the realm of CLM. In succession, representatives from each participating organization conveyed their advocacy messages, uniting to bring the webinar to a powerful conclusion.

The resounding echoes of these webinars remind us that our collective efforts are a testament to progress, unity, and the relentless pursuit of a more just and equitable world. Thank you for being part of this transformative journey. As we bid adieu to this series, please stay tuned for more empowering endeavors, as we continue our mission to ignite change, amplify voices, and pave the way for a world free from barriers and prejudice.

About the Seven Alliance:

The Seven Alliance is a regional consortium comprising APCOM, APN+, APNSW, APTN, ICW-AP, NAPUD, and Youth LEAD. Seven Alliance is leading the development and building the expertise of Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) in the Asia Pacific region. They support the establishment of robust CLM mechanisms through capacity building, cross-learning, and advocacy efforts for key populations and people living with HIV.

About Community-Led Monitoring (CLM):

Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) is an accountability mechanism for HIV responses, led and implemented by local community-led organizations of people living with HIV, networks of key populations, and other affected groups or community entities. CLM captures the experiences of individuals accessing health services, identifies obstacles they face, and collaborates with decision-makers to address these challenges, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of HIV interventions.