Social Media Officer (Part Time)

Published March 24, 2023
Location Asia Pacific

Position: Social Media Officer
Location: Remote (with potential travel to Bangkok, Thailand)
Work Schedule: 4 days a week or 32 hours per week
Duration of Contract: 1 Year
Reports to: Communications Officer

About APTN:

The Asia Pacific Transgender Network (APTN) is a leading organization that represents the interests and needs of transgender and gender diverse individuals in the Asia Pacific region. With a mission to empower transgender individuals and advocate for their rights, APTN has been instrumental in advancing social justice, equality, and inclusion for the community.

APTN is a pioneering organization that has been working tirelessly to address the unique challenges faced by the transgender community in the Asia Pacific region. From promoting access to healthcare, to supporting education and employment opportunities, APTN has been at the forefront of advocating for the rights of transgender individuals.

Through its partnerships with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and civil society groups, APTN has been able to amplify the voices of transgender people and create a more inclusive and equitable society. By providing training, resources, and support, APTN has helped to build capacity and strengthen the resilience of the transgender community in the region.

With a commitment to raising awareness and reducing stigma and discrimination, APTN has been a driving force in the fight for transgender rights. Its tireless efforts have resulted in greater visibility and recognition of the community, as well as the creation of more inclusive policies and laws.

Job Summary:

The Social Media Officer will be responsible for managing and creating engaging social media content for the organization’s various platforms, developing and implementing social media strategies, monitoring and analyzing metrics to measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns, and building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders. The ideal candidate will have excellent written and verbal communication skills in English, and knowledge of other languages from the Asia and Pacific region will be advantageous.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Develop and implement website and social media strategies that align with the organization’s goals and objectives.
  2. Maintain the organization’s website and various social media platforms with up-to-date information.
  3. Create and curate engaging content for website and various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn.
  4. Monitor and analyze metrics to measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns and adjust strategies accordingly.
  5. Engage with followers and build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, including media, partners, and customers.
  6. Execute audience research and collect feedback to improve social media strategy.
  7. Develop and maintain a social media calendar that aligns with the organization’s events and campaigns.
  8. Manage social media advertising campaigns and track their effectiveness.
  9. Provide regular reports on website and social media metrics and campaign effectiveness to the team.
  10. Stay up-to-date with website and social media trends and best practices and recommend strategies to improve the organization’s social media presence.
  11. Assist communications officer with communications programmes.
  12. Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Experience:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or a related field.
  2. 3+ years of experience in social media management or social media content writing, preferably in a remote work setting.
  3. Highly proficient in written and verbal communication in English. Knowledge of other languages from the Asia and Pacific region is a plus.
  4. Strong understanding of social media platforms and best practices.
  5. Demonstrated ability to develop and implement social media strategies that align with business goals and objectives.
  6. Strong understanding of SOGIESC concept and its implementation in media work.
  7. Preferably demonstrate interest working in LGBTQ or the transgender social movement.
  8. Excellent attention to detail, with the ability to analyze and interpret social media metrics to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.
  9. Experience managing social media advertising campaigns.
  10. Preferably experience managing social media management platforms like wordpress CMS, mailchimp, or meta business.
  11. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders.
  12. Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  13. Experience working transnationally across diverse geographies, cultural contexts and languages.
  14. Willingness to travel to Bangkok, Thailand, if required.

Organization Competencies

  • Promote the vision, mission, and strategic goals of APTN
  • Display cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability
  • Integrity, professionalism and respect for diversity

How to Apply?

Please send  CV and content/social media portfolio to with subject title: “Application: Social Media Officer” by 30 April 2023.

APTN is an Equal Opportunities Employer. APTN adheres to a fair recruitment process, regardless of any individual or group characteristics, including gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, sex characteristics, race, age, disability, ability, economic status, national origin, religion, ethnicity, and historical, cultural and geographic experiences.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersex persons, transgender and gender non-binary persons, and persons from the Global South are especially encouraged to apply. Only qualified candidates will be notified.