Civil Society’s Proposal for Gender Identity Bill in Nepal

Published October 31, 2021
Location Nepal

In 2020, Asia Pacific Transgender Network supported two fellows Rukshana Kapali and Elyn Bhandari with Amplifying Trans Advocacy Fellowship Grants. The fellows used the grant to bring together 29 organizations, 2 federations, 5 loose networks along several individuals, legal professionals, ally organizations – which involves almost every LGBTIQ+ led civil society groups in Nepal – to collectively formulate The Draft Bill Relating to Gender Identity, 2021.

The draft bill is civil society’s collective proposal and calls for a Gender Identity Act that addresses a long yearned issue of gender identity in Nepal. Despite several landmark Supreme Court verdicts and constitutional provision, no legislation has been formulated in Nepal to address the issues of intersex, transgender, non-binary and third gender individuals. The draft bill ensures that intersex, transgender, non-binary and third gender individuals are able to receive and amend their personal documentations in accordance with their gender identity. The bill also addresses misgendering, deadnaming, privacy, protection and several other issues involving gender identity.
Activists aim to use this publication as a tool for advocacy, to push policy makers in formulating an act from the draft bill.

The English version will be available by the end of the year.

DOWNLOAD – Statement (Nepali)

DOWNLOAD – Endorsements (Nepali)

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