Trans COMP Community-Based Monitoring: Key findings from the multi-country pilot implementation

Published June 28, 2023
Location Asia Pacific

The Trans COMP CBM Tool is the very first community-based monitoring tool developed by and for transgender people in the Asia Pacific region, and wherein transgender people were primary actors throughout the pilot implementation: from study team recruitment, service provider liaising, data gathering, data gatherer technical support and guidance, data analysis and within the dissemination process.

Community-based, informed and led monitoring can help community members and health care providers understand the AAAAQ (Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability, Affordability, and Quality) of a service being offered. Community-based monitoring (CBM) affords tools and frameworks developed by a specific community that encourage users of a facility to assess and score the service they access. Results from community- based monitoring can help facilitate collective agreement and action with the eventual goal of improving service delivery and capacitation of providers.

This document is a report on the key findings from the pilot implementation of the Trans COMP CBM Tool in 7 countries, the very first community-based monitoring tool solely developed and led by trans people focusing on trans health in the region.

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