Reimagining Our Future: Trans and Gender Diverse Peoples Convening in Southeast Asia – Live Coverage

The first sub-regional convening hosted in Bangkok between 19-23 September saw a gathering of trans human rights defenders, healthcare outreach workers and community-based organisations from across Southeast Asia. The convening aims to assess the state of the trans movement, programmes and initiatives in-country, and advocacy particularly in areas such as access to health, legal gender recognition, combating hate crimes and conversion therapy practices.

Follow the recap of each day of the Regional Convening:

DAY 1 – 19 Sep 2022

Opening remarks of the Sub-regional Convening in Bangkok from our ED, Joe Wong.

DAY 2 – 20 Sep 2022

Today, our dear participants are attending the following engaging sessions: 

– #Health, #Depathologisation, #MentalHealth” with our facilitators Nicha and Hua.

– Engagement with International and National #Policy with our facilitator Maddie & Nhuun

Our afternoon session on Movement Building and Accountability, guiding our participants to build an understanding of how to connect programmatic issues, advocacy, and capacity needs with Maddie and Cole.

DAY 3 – 21 Sep 2022

Our third day of the convening with some wonderful sessions for our participants:

-”Building a partnership culture through power sharing and deep listening” with K. Ouyporn (IWP) and her assistant K Ut.
-“Speaking from the Margins” with voices from our communities, about homeless, elderly and disability representatives, facilitated by Nicha

DAY 4 – 22 Sep 2022

Our forth day, morning sessions of the convening for our participants:

“Mapping the state of trans #healthcare and rights” facilitated by Nhuun
Introduction to #HealthMapping: Objectives, Outcomes, History. Set the stage/landscape for #TransHealth in the Region/by country.

“Trans-Led Monitoring of #Health Services” moderated by Emily Rose and Cole Young
To introduce the concept and process of #Community-Based Monitoring, to share and teach APTN partners beyond those engaged in the #EpiC project how to use the Trans COMP #CBM Tools in their countries.

Our forth day, afternoon sessions of the convening for our participants:

– Launch of Towards Transformative #Healthcare: Asia Pacific #TransHealth & Rights Module with facilitators Emily Rowe, Cole Young and rapporteur: Marli

– Breakout Sessions on Trans Health and Rights

– Topic 1: Advocating for Gender Affirming
Care and Trans Competent Healthcare: A Community Perspective with facilitators Nhunn and Maddie

– Topic 2: Trans masc sexual health needs and gaps with facilitator Joe Wong and rapporteur: Cole Young

– Topic 3: Reach the Unreached, facilitated by Nicha, rapporteur Marli and guests: #FHI360  #RSAT

DAY 5 – 23 Sep 2022

Our fifth and last day of the convening! the morning sessions for our participants:

“Building Our Movements nationally, regionally and globally” facilitated by Maddie

Participants will take part in an exercise to plan the activities they need to undertake and brainstorm on how APTN can help and provide support.

Our fifth and last day of the convening! the final afternoon sessions for our participants:

– Anger Hope Action
Participants will work on a mandala activity to share about the present situation and issues affecting their communities as well as articulate their hopes for a better future.

– Reflections and Closing
Final feedback and reflections from all participants and staff! 🫂❤️🛠