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APTN’s work relies on the generous support of individual, institutional and corporate donors. Without their help, we would not be able to strive for the human rights of the trans and gender diverse people around the Asia Pacific.

There are many ways for individual donors to make a difference in our work: by joining our giving programme, donating in honour of someone or a special event, include us in your legacy planning, or in-kind donation of goods, services or time as a volunteer, or amplifying our voice by sharing our website and social media content. All such contributions are greatly appreciated and wisely used.


  • Innovative and sustainable

    We are a non-profit organisation that aims to achieve financial sustainability through innovative and mindful partnerships, programmes and services.
    We also promote a culture of well-being and self-care for staff, advocates and community members.

  • Large-scale impact

    Our programmes have impact across multiple communities in the Asia and the Pacific.

    Your philanthropic support helps us work with more community partners, activists and local organisations to ensure trans and gender diverse people can live with respect and dignity.

  • Build a resilient movement

    We want to develop a robust, resilient, representative and self-reliant trans and gender diverse movement through national partners.
    Your support can help us provide programmes which will allow communities to build their skills and capacity as leaders, increasing their access to funding, facilitating diverse representation of the community.

Everyone has the right to live a full and healthy life with dignity.
Support our work to stand up for trans and gender diverse rights.

Thank you.

Institutional Donors

APTN’s work is made possible through the generosity of a growing number of partners and supporters that share our goals and objectives, including private foundations, international institutions, corporations, individuals and non-governmental organisations.

Our purpose in each of those relationships is to fulfill our mission, and we are guided in all of them by our core values: respect for equal rights and opportunities; unity and diversity, integrity and innovation. We neither seek nor accept financial support that would undermine those values.

With grateful thanks to our institutional donors.

Some of our Institutional Donors

Robert Carr Fund

The Robert Carr Fund is the world’s leading international fund focused on funding regional and global networks led by and involving and serving inadequately served populations (ISPs).
As a cooperative effort of donors and civil society, the Robert Carr Fund is structured to maximise participation, empowerment, equity, transparency and accountability in our fundraising and grant making.

RCF funding 2016-2021

APTN received funding from the Robert Carr Fund during 2016-2018, which was a continuation of steady RCF funding support for APTN since 2014. This funding was allocated to both core and strategic programme costs to help build the capacity of the two regional networks of APTN and PSGDN to strengthen and support collective action across more than 15 countries of Asia and the Pacific.

Global Equality Fund

The Global Equality Fund is a leading public-private partnership of like-minded governments and private sector entities dedicated to protecting and defending the human rights and fundamental freedoms of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex persons around the world.

GEF funding 2017-2021

APTN received funding from the Global Equality Fund during 2017-2021. This funding has been allocated to both core and strategic programme costs to help build the capacity of the several regional networks of APTN in the following countries: Fiji (HoK), Samoa (MGC), Papua New Guinea (Hetura), and PSGDN (regional network). This funding is focusing on Social Experiences Studies, Legal Gender Recognition: Policy and Legal Review and launch of the Advocacy Phase.

In-Kind Corporate Donors & Partners

In-kind donations help APTN access a great variety of technical goods and services that would otherwise be unaffordable, or which free up resources to be spent on other needed resources. Here’s some of the Corporate donors which are helping running our operations on a daily basis:

TechSoup works with some of the biggest names in tech to provide software to the organisations that need it the most. All nonprofit software is offered at generously discounted rates or donated by our partners in support of the nonprofit community. They work directly with donor partners to provide nonprofits the technology products, services, and learning resources that help NGOs serve their communities.

Google supports NGOs in their efforts to tackle the major challenges of society and make stronger contributions to the communities. Google also provides grants and support for special Projects. Google is developing tech products to support NGOs, amplify impact, grow the fundraising base of NGOs and make it easier for people to support their work.

Volunteering & Internships

APTN volunteers from around the region are working together to spread awareness about trans and gender diverse issues. We are blown away by passionate people, like you, who want to join our team. We’ll post new opportunities here as soon as they become available but also feel free to apply spontaneously as well, just prepare your last updated CV and write a nice Cover letter (as we get a lot of applications!). Help to support our critical work and projects is always welcome.

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For over 10 years, APTN has been on the forefront of cultural change, accelerating the acceptance of the trans and gender diverse community in the Asia Pacific region.

Now more than ever, we need your help to continue that fight!

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