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Across Asia and the Pacific, transgender and gender diverse people face entrenched stigma and discrimination across various aspects of their lives: legal recognition, employment, housing and health services are just the tip of the iceberg. As well, they are often the victims of hate crimes. This reality undermines their fundamental human rights and severely compromises their well-being and the ability to live a fulfilling and healthy life, with dignity.

To address these barriers, APTN engages with a range of partners to support, organise and advocate for comprehensive healthcare and policies that ensure the protection of legal, social and human rights for trans and gender diverse people.

Equal Rights are Not Special Rights

To build a robust, resilient and self-reliant trans movement in Asia and the Pacific, we implement programmes and initiatives at both a country and regional level for transgender and gender diverse people as well as policymakers, health care practitioners and providers, international agencies, and more. We always work with our mission in mind, focusing on strategies and activities the achieve the best results:

  1. Advocacy: Advancing justice, rights and access for transgender and gender diverse people.
  2. Leadership development: Supporting the growth and development of transgender and gender diverse people and organisations

Everyone has the right to live a full and healthy life with dignity. That is why APTN is Standing Up For Trans Rights. Join us.