Our Work

Across Asia and the Pacific, trans and gender diverse people are denied fundamental human rights, from legal recognition to employment, housing and health services. This severely undermines their ability to live a fulfilling, healthy and dignified life. APTN, together with a range of partners, supports, organises and advocates for the advancement and protection of the rights of the trans and gender diverse people to live authentically and stay safe in the world. We work towards a society that respects the fundamental human rights of trans and gender diverse people, and upholds, respects, and protects their diversity, safety, equality and dignity.

  • Research

    Sheddings light on the diversity and lived reality of the trans and gender diverse community in Asia and the Pacific

  • Advocacy

    Advancing Justice, Rights and Access

  • Movement Building

    Towards a Resilient and Self-reliant Trans Movement

  • Public Campaigning

    Engaging with traditional, online, and social media to raise public awareness of the issues affecting our community

Where we work

APTN works across the Asia and the Pacific, home to more than one-half of the global population, a diverse region where countries have varying levels of human development. We work across the entire region to address the persistent binary gender norms and systemic patriarchy. We do so because the trans and gender diverse people continue to be marginalised and deprived of their rights, including their bodily rights.



Our Community

Our aim is to build a robust, resilient and self-reliant community of trans and gender diverse people in Asia and the Pacific. We achieve this by working with local partners, community members and development agencies to co-create interventions, evidence-based programmes and initiatives at country, regional and global levels. We do this for trans and gender diverse people, policymakers, health care practitioners and providers, and international agencies. 

Here’s some of our projects and community partners:

Featured Projects

More Special Projects

Reimagining Our Future: Trans and Gender Diverse Peoples Convening in Southeast Asia – Live Coverage 

The first sub-regional convening hosted in Bangkok between 19-23 September saw a gathering of trans human rights defenders, healthcare outreach workers and community-based organisations from across Southeast Asia. The convening aims to assess the state of the trans movement, programmes and initiatives in-country, and advocacy particularly in areas such as access to health, legal gender […]
Locations: Asia Pacific
Issues: Combatting Stigma and Discrimination

Sexual Health Survey for Transgender Women and Men Who Have Sex with Men in Thailand and Vietnam

APCOM and Asia Pacific Transgender Network (APTN) are part of a working group for a new regional survey exploring the values and preferences of PrEP products among men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender women (TGW). The survey is a partnership between WHO, UNAIDS, FHI 360, PATH and IHRI and our research partners […]
Locations: Thailand, Vietnam
Issues: Health and Well-being

Featured Community Partners

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