Asian Stigma & Discrimination Forum 2020 (Virtual)

Published October 12, 2020
Language English

Our Senior Project Manager Raine Cortes will be speaking at the virtual Asian Stigma & Discrimination Forum 2020 on 14 October, a global educational program on strategies to reduce stigma and discrimination around #HIV.

As shown by the significant and increasing reports of cities and countries achieving the 90-90-90 targets and beyond for the majority, HIV is now a treatable infection. However, large groups of individuals either still remain undiagnosed, or are diagnosed but do not seek care. This is likely due to the fear of testing, receiving a positive diagnosis and attending an HIV center and the subsequent #discrimination which either does or is perceived to occur.

Learn how you can challenge and be part of the solution to #stigma and discrimination. 

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Registration is free for all #healthcare professionals, #advocates#ngo representatives, #community representatives, and #policymakers.


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