In Loving Memory: Alexa Dominich (1988 – 2021)

Published December 29, 2021

Our sincere condolences to the loss of our sister, Alexa Dominich. As a testament to her strength and courage, she is in our prayers.

Alexa has been a stoic advocate for the trans movement in Indonesia for more than 10 years, bringing to awareness the issues experienced by the trans community to the regional level. Her activism began with her involvement in Transchool SWARA (@transchoolswara), then she became the head of the Technical Working Group Global Fund for HIV issues in 2015-2017. She was also the Program Manager of Jaringan Transgender Indonesia and founded Transvoice Indonesia.

Let the memories provide comfort in our journey through this loss. Her activism impacted many trans people to receiving proper healthcare for those in dire needs.

Rest in power, Alexa.