[RECAP] APTN on Asia Pacific Transgender Masterclass

Published October 31, 2022

APTN presented in Transgender Masterclass. We had 5 sessions that were spread out within 2 days on the 27th and 28th of October. Nicha Rongram, Cole Young, Erik Nadir and Chu Thanh Ha attended as APTN staff. The venue is located in Le Meridien Hotel, Bangkok. APTN was also the co-chair for Asia Pacific Transgender Masterclass. We delivered a keynote presentation about the lived experiences of trans people in Asia Pacific, presented our works, and held interactive discussion sessions for trans health care to be more accessible in this region.

Please see the details about our session in this picture:

The session was a rich learning session presenting the works of health practitioners around Asia Pacific and Australia. Many shared study cases and experiences in developing and delivering transgender healthcare, for example, the idea of having an integrated health care clinic for transgender people that was shared by Dr Darren Russel, the director of Cairns Sexual Health Service in Australia. Dr Miguel from the Philippines also presented his works in Loveyourself, Inc, a community-based health service delivery. Dr Alegra Wolter from Indonesia talked about delivering health care for transgender people in a limited structure in her home country. Ideas flowed and were exchanged on such a special occasion.

Transgender Masterclass is an inaugural platform for knowledge exchange and sharing of best practices in trans-competent care. The Masterclass will provide the opportunity for health practitioners and community organisations to network and create linkages that drive sustained advances in the provision of transgender medicine and trans-competent care across the region.

For more information, please go to transgendermasterclass.com.au